Foundation of the Ministry

Written by Super User.


Realization Ministries was first formed in the heart of a young Air Force servicemen, named Raymond J. Rippenkreoger.
After this "lost but now found" young man began to read the Bible on a daily basis and pray fervently, he was led to follow the Holy Spirit of God in every aspect of his life. Amazingly things began to happen in his life and in the life of those he encountered.
As he grew in the spirit and in the wisdom from the Lord Jesus, he would step out in faith. He was always at church; most times twice on Sundays, unless he was on duty at the base. There was a deep desire to be in a ministry for the learning and the doing, as well as to lead a ministry. Many times you would find him at the church or where ever the particular ministry was being held. And the chances offered for meeting others in fellowship were never passed by.