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Hear Ye, Hear ye, it is nearing the "Christ" mas Season or as we all say it, "Christmas" Season.
Yes, it is true that Jesus, the Christ, was not born in December; but it is or it use to be the time of the year that most citizens of the United States celebrated the birth of Jesus the Christ. Maybe they centered on the Christ Child instead of the Person of Jesus Christ AND why He was born, walked among us, was crucified, died, AND rose from the grave; at least they focused on HIM!!
Presently, we see very little of the celebration of Christ’s birth or His life and it is almost obscured by the commercialism; gifts, gifts and going into debt both financially and emotionally.
I have given you all the Scripture references pertaining to " by every word of God..." due to the purpose of our lives and how we are to live it, in the right way. Matt. 4:4.
I presented the Scripture on "Prayer." Matt. 22:37-40. Why you ask? It is because the Lord our God; being the triune God: Father (eternal Spirit and whole essence; the Son (the part of God He came down with us and He was part man); the holy Spirit (the part of God He gives us of Himself), created us to HAVE CONTINUAL COMMUNION which equals talking to Him as much as you can every day. PRAYER is talking to Him, not a ritualistic or a repetitious statement/ grouping of statements, but just plain conversation, which equals straight out TALK!
You may be asking about the Scriptures pertaining to "loving the Lord your God, with all your heart, strength, and mind..." I Jn. 5:14-15. This is to reveal that, if you are to love God with your whole being you will not have to struggle, worry, wonder, or be with out understanding. If you love God with your every bit of you and you love your neighbor as you love yourself, then your living will be RIGHT!
In conclusion, "yes" conclusion because nothing more needs to be said. At "Christ-mas" time, we should live this time by "every Word of God", by "our all", and by "loving our Lord God with are all and loving our neighbor as are selves."
Let, each and every one of us, determine to do this BEFORE God now and until He comes to get us.
Please call me or email me, to let me know of your decision, if you have asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior for the first time, or even to talk about this.
In Christ Jesus,
Rev. Raymond J. Rippenkroeger