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I have made it a mission not to have this web site, Realization Ministries, become a advertisement center or to have them to support the ministry. This Article is to show the world, that there are true, honest, caring, and helpful men and women whom exist.

I have been trying to get the information on what type of bricks that were used to build my house; the builder was asked and the development was asked. I tried on and off for over a year. Periodically, I would look around the Home Builder stores, drive by the houses in the area that were being built, and I would ask various persons of interest, but without any success. I am not passionate about doing the searches on the internet due to my time searching takes up valuable time I could be responding to those whom email for various ministry or life need, plus I take much longer than most people on the internet; the emails, fax, and such I do with speed. People are more important than bricks.
I can do much better and FASTER by using the telephone book; I believe you all can remember those things.
Well, I contacted a company called, Boral Bricks Inc. in Austin, Texas; this is about (30) minutes from my house. The Center Manager, Ernest Crepps listened to my situation or that is my need and he expressed that he would not have the brick that I am looking for. Actually, I would have to order it from Mexico. Mr. Crepps, Ernest, said he would help me with this if I wanted to. This was an awesome act of kindness and care.
Being me, I asked if he had any types of brick that would be close to the type I was looking for, and he told me he most likely would not have such. I then asked him if I could come look at what he did have and with true kindness and patience, he said if I came in he would help as much as possible. This gentleman truly had lots of business to tend to, but he wanted to help me.
Long story short, I was shown all the samples available and when these did not come close, I was lead to the back lot to look at discontinued or cancelled orders. Mr. Crepps look through all the pallets and found the best suited types. I was very happy with what he found for me and I was offered a deal on them that were such a blessing, that I was speechless.
This man and his company are, how the world is suppose to operate; with kindness, honesty, helpfulness, and with care. He will be blessed because he blessed and his company will be blessed because it is a blessing.
There are individuals, business personnel, and companies that are "good" on this planet. Goodness comes to those that do Good.
God will bless if we bless.
Be a blessing and watch how God will bless you and those whom work with and for you. I know my life has been enriched spiritually and personally.
Thank you, Ernest for showing the heart, life, and virtue that was given to us all.
In Christ leading and blessing,
Rev. Raymond Rippenkroeger (Rev. Ray)