Mission Trip to Kenyan Orphanage

Written by Super User.

Yes, I finally was able to travel to Kenya and be with Pastor Sagana in the town of Goucha, Kenya, Africa; providence of Kisii, Kenya. I left December 8th, 2011 and I returned December 17th, 2011. I had two days traveling time; total of depture and return to USA. I was there for (8) days with Pastor Sagana, his family, all the relatives, the staff, and all the children; (28) impoverished children. There was (25) Orphans and (3) children which had either one mother or a father, but they were too destitute or too severly ill to care for the child.

I have been asked by many persons as to why it has taken so long to publish this article, and I must answer everyone with caution.
I have sent all that I can possibliy can pull from my personals accounts/monies  I can produce. This comes from my wife, Tanya and I called to sacrifice  to "care for  the widows and orphans." Any money I am given for the Orphans, 100% of that goes their needs and I provide the transmmissions charges. This I say because I had to save for (3) years; a dollar here or five dollars there, which was put into a Account for my trip. Three years everyone, I had to wait three years to see Pastor Sagana and the children. It was worth waiting, because they were given money for food, medical needs, and school, plus phase One of the new building was finished.
So, now I have said that and you are saying to yourselves,"Were is the answered to the question everyone has asked him?" I was broke everyone, flat broke finacially and in my heart. Yes, I came back excited, blessed, full of great experiences, and the joy of spending a great deal of time with the precious children; my grandchildren !  I has worked so hard these past three years trying to find them the people to care for them and I have provided everything I personally can; through exhaustion and frustration in finding people who will not think that I want money but for them to take and for them to be the providers , which they are commisioned by God to do and therby be blessed by the Lord God.
I have came back to find a dry well of "willingness", of financial support, and full of worries about selves. I understand why these were happening and I see all therir concerns, because I have been dried up finacially, I was broken-hearted and concerned about how I could get everything stable again, and I was worried about myself. I had begun to become tried all the time, and a little depressed, even wanting to go hide for weeks (unwillingness).
I have been praying, fasting, seeking the Lord God on these matters. I Began to see my need to trust my heavenly Father, and WAIT!
I did it and after (41) days God sent me a great blessing; a national company called me to talk about helping the children in Kenya. I then recieved a call from a friend who had money he want to send, and then another company called me to help, plus others are calling to set in motion their monies to the children.
I have been on the computer, the telephone, cell phone, running to meetings, and walking from store to store speaking to hundreds of persons or managers about the great need.
I will end this long message with this; I came back from Kenya knowing many people have come together to help these people, these childre, this country, that continent, and the world by their love, sacrifice, and prayers. I have seen what huge changes in their lives, but what I say are huge are only the things that kept form always being hungry, from deaths that were ocurring, from wearing rags as clothes, and from kept out of school.
What I found when I arived was a stark reality of the need is greater then I could comprhend through words or pictures. I came back heart broken , that I want to do more and I am not able to alone.
I will publish the picture and videos , now that I was able to retieve them and you can laugh, sing, and fall in ove with the children and the people there. You can see that your heart, mine, and many others together can do greater things to cover these children with our love, and care.
I has taken awhile to get the time and ability to write this artilce and I pray you will come back to see the pictures and videos.
Thank you and God bless you.
Rev. Ray