Mission Trip to Kenyan Orphanage

Written by Super User.

Yes, I finally was able to travel to Kenya and be with Pastor Sagana in the town of Goucha, Kenya, Africa; providence of Kisii, Kenya. I left December 8th, 2011 and I returned December 17th, 2011. I had two days traveling time; total of depture and return to USA. I was there for (8) days with Pastor Sagana, his family, all the relatives, the staff, and all the children; (28) impoverished children. There was (25) Orphans and (3) children which had either one mother or a father, but they were too destitute or too severly ill to care for the child.

I have been asked by many persons as to why it has taken so long to publish this article, and I must answer everyone with caution.
I have sent all that I can possibliy can pull from my personals accounts/monies  I can produce. This comes from my wife, Tanya and I called to sacrifice  to "care for  the widows and orphans." Any money I am given for the Orphans, 100% of that goes their needs and I provide the transmmissions charges. This I say because I had to save for (3) years; a dollar here or five dollars there, which was put into a Account for my trip. Three years everyone, I had to wait three years to see Pastor Sagana and the children. It was worth waiting, because they were given money for food, medical needs, and school, plus phase One of the new building was finished.